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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Amie CGPA and Percentage Calculator

AMIE provides us Grade card in which GPA & CGPA has mentioned.
GPA(grade point average) given after pass SEC A
CGPA(Cumulative Grade point average ) given after successful completion of SECA+SECB+LAB+PROJECT

Now to find out the %age marks obtain in AMIE we have to calculate with gievn CGPA.

The formula is

Total grades(including secA,SECB,Project,lab)*max no allowed in receptive grade/ Total no of Sub(including secA,SECB,Project,lab)=15

For reference of max allowed no in respective grade


example :
Suppose in Section A, you get H, A, B and C grades. and Section B you get A,A,B,B,C,C,C,D,C,H,H
Your percentage will be (100*3 + 74*3 + 65*3 + 59*5+49*1)/15 = 1061/15=70.73%

FOR more convenient download the Excel calculator for "Amie CGPA and Percentage Calculator"

click here to view calculator

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dear AMIE aspirant if you have any question from AMIE SEC A DIP (specially  FDM,MES),please share i will help you to solve it and will helpful for others also.
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to apply for sec B registration after getting pass sec A.?

How to apply for sec B registration after getting pass sec A.?

After passing section A completely. amie will send you the pass marskheet of sec A along with 

section B registration form, which you will have to send back after filling it all respects along 

with a DD of Rs 3000/- for section B registration.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to join AMIE ?

How to join AMIE ?
Following are the basic and common steps to join AMIE:
1.You have to get a membership of IEI
2.gen if your qualification is diploma then your membership will be ST- senior technician
   if your qualification is +2(intermediate) then you are eligible for the T-technician membership
3.there is simple 2 ways to get the membership application form
   offline form nearest Amie centers: for detailed of nearest center go through
  online form directly from Amie site go through
4.there is some rules to follow when you are apply for the membership so you can get full detail
5.within 3 month of sending of your membership form your membership will display on following site so you have to check here
6.after getting of membership you you have to apply for forthcoming exam
Generally Feb 15 to April 20 for Summer and Aug 16 to Oct 20 for Winter exams.

for more detail 

Go through the official site of IEI institution
There is FQ reg membership

Ranjan singh
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Facebook :
go through my site :

Monday, June 27, 2011

recognization of AMIE(B.Tech)

Dear friends,
I have some clarification about recognization  of AMIE(B.Tech) .
The first question any one ask is 'Is AMIE Degree is equivalent to B.Tech,if yes then up to what extend'
so please notify this

There is one query after reading this new Ministry of HRD Notification No.-F.24-6/2002-T.S.III. Dt. 10th Dec.'2007 (Page No.-3&4) regarding Scope of Recognition of AMIE Examinations.
On the third page, it is clearly written "In partial modification to the said Notification. it is clarified that this recognition is only for the purpose of employment in Central Government"

For getting original doc of MHRD notification please visit

Saturday, June 25, 2011

AMIE EXAM: Ready for Sec B exam preparation

Dear friends we are waiting for summer 2011 exam result which will declared on 15th sept 2011. after geting result we dnt have enough time to preparation of Sec B papers as it will tougher than previous sec and also we have to plane to choose most know n well prepared papers as it will easy to crack the upcoming exam.
here i am going to start the update the related study material for sec B.
Please go through my study site n download Engineering management Q.Paper

I hope it will helpful to you all
any question please update on my same blog

I will continue it.....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

AMIE EXAM summer 2011 analysis

Its very nice experience of summer exam (from 4 & 5th june 2011) for sec A. Hopefully all of us have written our exam very well as the question was very suitable
for average students.
For downloading 301,302 & 303 Q.Paper
you must visit my study site:
AMIE EXAM summer 2011 analysis:
1.Summer exam 2011 result will announce around 15sept.
2.To check the result please go through
3.For pass secA diploma stream you must get at-least total GPA equal to 6  
 1. C, C, C, C ==> PASS Examples:
 2. C, C, C, D(in last attempt) ==> You have to reappear in subject with D grade
 3. C, C, B, D (in last attempt) ==> PASS
To know more abour GPA, go through

4.I will try to solve these question for ref evaluation for your marks.
so wait ....untill next blog.
good bye.